The real question is, “why would you not go to sea an anything else but a Hinckley”?  With over 5000 days logged at sea, it would be hard to calculate the number of waves I have rolled over, or through.  How many inlets, reefs, lighthouses, have I passed through or by?  I always could tell, when their was going to be an issue, by the feel of the deck under my feet, while underway.  All vessels have a harmony, a voice, it speaks to those who have learned to listen for the sign.  I have had the opportunity to work for some of the finest boat builders in the World.  I have also been hired and paid to deliver hundreds of yachts from all manufactures.  I spent a 2 year period of my life as a navigational watchstandered, conducting search and rescue operations in the Bearing Sea.  The sea can be unforgiving at times, and how you go to sea, and what you go to sea upon, is your lifeboat.  If you give me my choice, I would chose a Hinckley first!

Why Hinckley Yachts?  This is easy for me, and I will do my best to explain why in 5 easy to understand points.

  1. A singular focus to build the best boat money can build.
  2. A continued drive for innovation and constant improvement.
  3. Form and function need to work hand-n-hand.
  4. The completion of a new vessel build is only the beginning of a life long relationship with the vessel, and ownership.
  5. Beauty, Craftsmanship, Performance & Lifestyle!

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