Dubai River, UAE 2009We are all living our lives on a ship we call Earth.  Viewing this vessel from space is the only way most of us can see that over 70% of this ship is covered in water.  It is know wonder that we feel drawn to the sea, and the lifestyle that comes with it.  I have been lucky enough to have spent my entire career as a Master Mariner, and marine industry professional experiencing the life style that comes with a life on the sea.  Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, I grew a passion for the waterman lifestyle.  Since those early years of running around in a skiff, fishing, snorkeling, and spending time on the waters of South Florida, I have had the opportunity to explore the Worlds Oceans.  The Ocean is a great teacher, lessons that most of the time awe inspiring, with the occasional lessons that can be unforgiving.  Over my 25 years and more than 5000 days logged at sea, I was given the gift of mentorship from marine professionals all over the world.  The only way I can say “Thank You” to them, for their guidance, is for me to pass it on.  My intention with this blog is to provide an open discussion about being a modern day “Waterman”. May you all have fair winds and following seas.         -Tripper

Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should a life rest on a single hope.        -Epictetus-


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