We are all living our lives on a ship we call Earth.  Viewing this vessel from space is the only way most of us can see that over 70% of this ship is covered in water.  It is know wonder that we feel drawn to the sea, and the lifestyle that comes with it.  I have been lucky enough to have spent my entire career as a Master Mariner, and marine industry professional experiencing the life style that comes with a life on the sea.  Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, I grew a passion for the waterman lifestyle.  Since those early years of running around in a skiff, fishing, snorkeling, and spending time on the waters of South Florida, I have had the opportunity to explore the Worlds Oceans.  The Ocean is a great teacher, lessons that most of the time awe inspiring, with the occasional lessons that can be unforgiving.  Over my 25 years and more than 5000 days logged at sea, I was given the gift of mentorship from marine professionals all over the world.  The only way I can say “Thank You” to them, for their guidance, is for me to pass it on.  My intention with this blog is to provide an open discussion about being a modern day “Waterman”.

The art of living off the sea, past down from ancient mariners is moving towards being a lost art form.  Back in the late 1970’s, I would travel to the mountains of Northern Georgia to vacation with my family as a boy.  It was here that I found a series of amazing books called the Foxfire Series.  It was a collection of stories told to a group of High School students by their relatives, on the ways they had learned to survive in this region before modern industry.  Traditional Appalachian skills passed down for hundreds of years.  As I traveled the world over the last 25 years as a mariner, I always wanted to capture the stories of what I could see was  the extinction of some of our universal maritime history.  I am the hope that it is not to late and I still can capture some of these stories and hopefully pass on an interest to carry on a maritime art form.

May you all have fair winds and following seas.         -Tripper

Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should a life rest on a single hope.        -Epictetus-

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