Underway- First voyage of “Courage”. Part 1


They say life is an adventure. Well it is certainly a great one for Kris & George Hansford aboard their new Hinckley 36 Classic! We will post and track their adventure through their running log and photos. We wish them fair winds and following seas on their journey.

Capt Geo

We arrived in Providence, RI Saturday September 6, 2014. Thankfully we have family that we able to stay with while we prepared the boat for our journey south to Key West. We are grateful to Maggie and Jerry for their hospitality. Archie was even on his best behavior!


Sunday September 7, 2014
We visited the boat – Kris’ first time – unpacked what we brought and surveyed the storage situation. It was better than George conveyed to Kris. This is a good!
Back to Maggie and Jerry’s for dinner and then off to Target for a late night shopping trip. George’s idea of a fun night! Filled the car to the brim!

Monday September 8, 2014
The unpacking and shopping list making continue. More unloading and stowing all the supplies. Archie had a great day at camp! We are all exhausted (Archie too!) Early to bed.

Archie in CT

Tuesday September 9, 2014
Final preparations for the trip. All supplies are onboard and stowed. We had a wonderful bon voyage dinner with Maggie and Jerry at 15 Point Road restaurant in Portsmouth, RI. Then back to the boat and to bed!

Bed Time

Wednesday September 10, 2014
Weather: Overcast, turning to mostly sunny. 72 degrees
Destination: Norwalk, CT
Actual Destination: Brown Boatyards, Guilford, CT
Distance traveled: 76 Nautical Miles

Last minute preparations, repairs and instructions delay our departure. The most important thing we did this morning was renew out Boat US membership! You will see why. We shove off at 13:15 for Norwalk, CT. The seas aren’t too bad. Beautiful cruise along the Connecticut coastline. All going well until ……….….we run out of fuel! We had a choice of two marinas and chose Guilford Town Marina. George call US Boat for a tow to Brown Boatyard. Dave Brown met us and we were able to fuel that night and make sure the engine started so we could shove off first thing in the morning. Destination: New York, NY

First Day at Sea

Thursday September 11, 2014
Weather: Overcast, turning to mostly sunny. 70 degrees
Departure: 09:30
Destination: Liberty Landing, NJ (aka New York City!)
Actual Destination: We made it
Arrival: 15:00
Distance traveled: 75 Nautical Miles

We shoved off at 09:30 and were met with rough seas in Long Island Sound – 3-4 footers. Admiral Archie had to turn over the helm to Captain George. The admiral had to comfort and snuggle with the first mate – Kris. It remained rough until we hit the East River. We were then able to cruise 25 knots down the East River to the Hudson River crossing. The New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty lay ahead.
Pulled into Liberty Marina at Liberty Park. This is a fabulous marina – beautiful amenities and a great park for Archie and stretching out our sea legs. This is the entrance to the tours for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Pretty impressive. A short walk gets you a great view of Lady Liberty.
The idea of pulling into New York City on 9/11 was amazing. The marina also overlooks Freedom Tower the 911 memorial building. At dusk the twin beams were illuminated. Words can’t describe the vision. Happenstance brought us here on this day. A day we will never forget.
We had a fabulous dinner at Marinapark, a restaurant on the marina grounds. The beams were visible through port holes in the berth. Sweet slumber.


Friday September 12, 2014
Weather: Mostly sunny. 63 degrees at 09:00
Destination: Liberty Landing, NJ (aka New York City!)
Staying in port today

Look for Part 2 Soon.

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