More “Savannah Day Dreamin”- Part 9


Wednesday October 1, 2014

Weather: high 70s Sunny!!! In Port: Savannah, GA “Marina”: Holiday Inn Express


Archie goes to Church

We spent a comfortable night on Courage and decided to get a hotel room in Savannah for a few days. A real bed, private bathroom, TV and AC!

The mechanic arrived right on time this morning and in no time had the engine torn apart. The parts are ordered and will hopefully arrive Thursday. We hope to be back on the water by Friday.

So what better way to spend our down time by touring Savannah? We checked into the hotel and hoped on a trolley for a tour of this beautiful city. It’s what everyone says – beautiful, quaint and filled with southern charm. We had another fabulous dinner at The Olde Pink House, a reclaimed mansion.

Today’s theme: Easy Does It. It’s not the destination it’s the journey. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s developments!

Thursday October 2, 2014

Weather: 80s Sunny!!!
In Port: Savannah, GA “Marina”: Holiday Inn Express


4 AM is SO Early

We had an early wakeup call! 04:00!! Some prankster pulled the fire alarm. That was a first for us – a hotel evacuation. We took Archie to the Square by the hotel and he had a grand time.

After an AA meeting, a visit to the marina and a few work phone calls we continued our tour of Savannah. We hopped on hopped off the trolley and saw the sights. We toured the Andrew Low house. Andrew Low was Juliette Gordon Low’s father in law. Juliette Low was the founder of the Girl Scouts. After her father in law’s death she lived in this house with her husband. This home is the first Girl Scout headquarters. It was a beautiful period home. We also visited the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.

Bear with me for a little Savannah history. Savannah is laid out in a grid pattern with Squares (Parks) in each grid. Each Square is named after a historical figure and most have a monument in the center. The monuments are not necessarily the same as the historical figure that the Square is named for. I have included pictures of Wright Square and its monuments. The center monument is the Gordon Monument in honor of William Gordon.William Gordon was Juliette Gordon Low’s grandfather. The monument was constructed over the grave of Chief Tomochichi.

Gordon Monument

Tomochichi was the Chief of the Yamacraw Indians. His tribe occupied the bluff where the colonists landed. He agreed to move his tribe upriver. The Yamacraw Indians and the colonists coexisted peacefully due to Tomochichi’s leadership. Upon his death he requested that he be buried among the colonists. He was buried in Wright Square. When the Gordon monument was erected over Tomochichi’s grave, Nellie Kinzie Gordon, Juliette’s mother, was appalled. She obtained a large granite stone and placed it in the park in honor of Chief Tomochichi. His grave remains under the Gordon monument.

Boat news – The parts arrived and the engine was repaired. We will prepare and provision Courage Friday and continue on our journey early Saturday morning.

Next stop …. Jekyll Island, GA.



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